MITMEngine Blocking Lumeus as Proxy

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Quick request: We’re getting selectively blocked when we act as a proxy to AI/Web Traffic for Customers.

Looking at the github mitmengine code, maybe we need to get allowlisted as well ?

Pls advise if there is some process for this to get us in the list. is an ~3 year old startup.

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If you are being blocked by sites then you need to contact those sites with the ray-id as they are the only ones who can see why you were blocked. Unless you are talking about getting a bot on the verified list.

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Hi There - I’m referring to getting added here as a software vendor. We’re no different from the other proxy solutions in between user and application. Would love to understand how we can get added to this list ?

// known HTTPS interception software vendors
var mitmNames = string{

You can try opening an issue on the repo about getting added to it. Can also open a ticket for it as well to see what support says.

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