Misusing my domain name


We have a company called Haln Wood. We run our company website with the name of Haln Wood. But now our domain has expired and someone else is using it in the wrong way running “Porn Site” Our website listed on google when anybody searches our company name then there is also show our old domain. Right now on this website hosing used by cloudflare and domain broutght from godaddy.


If someone else is now the rightful owner, that person can use the domain at their discretion. I am not quite sure what the problem should be.

You can contact the new owner and try to purchase the domain from him.

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Or are you saying that you bought it after it expired? And now it’s yours?

If so, you will have to update the name servers at your registrar to point to your new hosting.


As you have edited your posting now.

My advice from before still applies. Try to contact them and buy the domain from them.

If a domain is important you should never let it expire, but how does the saying go about spilled milk.

Anyhow, assuming that you are talking about halnwood.com it would appear as if that domain was registered a couple of days ago in Europe. As you seem to be based in India you most likely won’t be able to invoke local law in that case and would succeed with a trademark complaint only if you have an internationally recognised trademark (if you have one at all).

At this point they are the legal owner of that domain - as I mentioned before - and “complaining” to the registrar or Cloudflare won’t do much as they are not doing anything illegal.

Your best bet is to seek legal advice and check what options you have. I am afraid neither Cloudflare nor the community here can do anything.

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