Missing woocommerce in WP

Hi! After a plugin update my woocommerce dissapeared with all my commercial content. When trying to install it again, a message of “failed installation: this folder already exists” is shown. I restaured WP but th issue persists. my new site is https://europa-académica.com, where I lost much contents. My interest is to Woocommerce reinstalled and recover my products list.Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare can’t help with site files, as Cloudflare isn’t your web host. Hopefully they can assist with any backups you may (hopefully) have.

Thanks a lot, sdayman; I thought it was, because my domain is active on Cloudflare. Have a look to the screenshot. I am a very beginner, sorry for my basic knowledge.

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Hi @mmedone, as @sdayman mentioned, you need to contact your hosting provider to see if they can help you recover the files. Regarding re-installing the plugin, once you have your data, you may do best to remove the plugin and start with a fresh installation in order to bypass the folder exists message. Post back after you’ve contacted your hosting provider so we can check on progress, you may also want to review that error with them to see if they have suggestions for addressing it.

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