Missing Universal Certificate

I recently updated a site to use Cloudflare, and can’t get the HTTPS working. When I visit my domain, I get a ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error

I’ve compared all the settings in Cloudflare (and on my web server) to other sites that are working, and the one difference I noticed is that on the “Edge Certificates” tab it shows as “No certificates” while all my other Cloudflare sites show a certificate.

I saw some suggestions to set the SSL/TLS mode to off for 15 minutes and back on (to Full), but that hasn’t resolved the issue.

Is there anything I can do to get the Universal Certificate issued for my domain?

The suggestion is to disable Universal SSL for 15 minutes, not change the encryption mode (the latter should stay with “Full strict”).

Try that and then check again. Also, whats the domain?

the domain is skypevoicechanger.net

I’ll try the disable universal ssl option

You currently only have a default certificate not valid for your domain. In that case you cannot use “Full strict”, but only the less secure “Full”. You might want to fix that.

Thanks, disabling Universal SSL and reenabling fixed it for me.

And yes, I know I’m only on “Full” mode at the moment.

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