Missing Postal/Zip Code in GeoIP headers and Transform Rules?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Based on this CF Worker Tutorial: Geolocation: Hello World 路 Cloudflare Workers docs

I was expecting to find the Cf-PostalCode in my Response headers however it seems to work only with CF Workers?

I then checked the GeoIP fields available here: Fields reference 路 Cloudflare Ruleset Engine docs to simply create a Transform Rule and add it myself, but it seems PostalCode is missing there as well.

I also checked this solution: Managed Transforms - Add more Geolocation fields

But same thing the geoip object is imissing the PostalCode field.

Is there any easy way to add the GeoIP Postal Code to Response Headers without having to use a CF Worker?


There are different headers that are only processed with Workers. It looks like that is one of them.