Missing overview info

My domain has been added to CF more than a month ago, and most things seem to be working. BUT I’m not seeing any stats on the Overview:

Although things are clearly working:

Maybe this is somehow also related to my Firewall > Tools > Protect My Login button being grayed out even though there is no login protection rule? (This is a free account, but I have other client accounts on the free level that allow that login protection rule.)

(I previously posted about the Login protection here: No option to edit "Protect your login" - #4 by sdayman)

Anyone have any ideas what might be going on? I don’t really NEED the overview, but I’d really like to get the Login protection working, and I’m wondering if somehow the two problems are related?

May I ask if you have added it to your Cloudflare account or via some Cloudflare Hosting Partner / Integration or some interface like SiteGround, etc.?

Regarding the overfiew tab, I am not sure. Maybe few steps need to be “passed” either you already implemented them?

How about clearing your Web browser cache? Have you tried that?

May I ask have you tried writing a ticket to Cloudflare Support Team, furthermore there is an option to enable Cloudflare Support Team to try to make changes “Editing Permission” to your Cloudflare Account - if that would help in your case:

Have you tried changing it via the Cloudflare API?

There is the Super Admin and then another Admin account, both created inside the Cloudflare dashboard. Both of them show the same issues.

Since this is a free account, I can’t create a ticket for the CF Support Team. I’ve tried turning on the editing permissions though. Not sure if that would help…

I’m not really familiar with the Cloudflare API, although I have a big picture sense of how API’s work. Are there some relatively simple instructions somewhere?

All accounts can create a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

The API is just a ‘curl’ command from “command line”. On a Mac, it’s the Terminal app. On Windows, I believe it’s Power Shell.

Protect My Login is just a template that makes it easy to fill in the Rate Limit parameters, but you can manually put them in a ‘curl’ command:


The API isn’t fun (for most), so it’d just be easier to get it working through the dashboard.

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Ok. I did submit a ticket – it does not seem to be posted anywhere that tickets are an option for free accounts. Thanks for that info!

For anyone who comes along later, the answer is that rate limiting must be enabled in the account (with the payment method) before the “Protect Your Login” can be enabled.

I enabled this on my other account a very long time ago (I can’t even remember doing it), and this is what enabled me to create the login protection on those other sites. I guess none of my sites has ever hit over the 10,000 requests free level!

Just a note: only Super Admins are able to set up a rate limiting subscription (since it involves billing). Regular admins are not able to set up the subscription, although they are enabled to set up the login protection once a rate limiting subscription is active.

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