Missing local code for Workers, is it somewhere accessible on Cloudflare?

So, my disk crashed and I had to replace it without having the chance to backup my work. I currently have example.workers.dev URL that’s working. Is there a way to pull or download my index.js and other files from Cloudflare? Using wrangler, or through a UI?

Or would I need to re-write those and be wiser about backups?..

I guess the closest I can get is using quick edit, or https://api.cloudflare.com/#worker-script-download-worker and unminify it. Not exactly my code, but close enough.


For manual download go to:
Dashboard > Workers > Select your worker > Click Quick Edit

You will have to uglify it and try to understand the logic.


Maybe @adaptive knows how to pull data from KV if that’s where some of it is, but I can’t imagine it’d be fun.

Have you looked in your GitHub account? :smiley:

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I don’t have one. How would I run Wrangler on GitHub? :crazy_face: