Missing Invoice Needed for Expense Reporting

I understand your Billing system is being upgraded and you are having a nightmare since March 21, 2024. The
Cloudflare Billing Status Page has not posted an update since May 1, 2024 on the progress of restoring invoices.

I need to code the expense report for the purchase of a new domain and needing the invoice.

I previously had a ticket open on the same issue for another domain in April and I marked it as solved. Consequently when I try to open a new ticket for the new domain invoice the ticketing page says to amend the previous ticket on the related issue. The problem is that since I closed it I am unable to reopen the ticket # to amend to get the invoice for the newly purchased domain. Seems like to me you need a reopen button.

Incident # 3237291 is the one I am trying to reopen to amend to request support to attach the invoice for the newly purchased domain.

When will you update your status page for this billing snafu?