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The page needs to show users how to copy exsisiting LAN IP from the NIC status box into the override field. Basic users are lost and don’t know what to enter into the IP box, you also need to show them how to use tab-key to input the Subnet mask IP into the box. :rofl:

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I agree. Most users have default adapter settings, and updating the IP just to leaves the other fields empty, and i don’t know what to fill in there.

More information, please?

You don’t have to change the IP settings of your computer, just the DNS settings. You DO NOT have to insert a new IP for the computer, nor a subnet mask nor a default gateway.

Each operating system has different ways to change these parameters, which OS do you have?

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If you are using automatic settings you DO have to fill in the fields unless to re-select to use automatic after changing the DNS. (Windows)

I don’t have Windows on hand at the moment, but from what I recall DNS settings can be manually set without preventing the DHCP lease.

Which version of Windows is this?

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Right-click the NIC adapater, click status, click details, copy the listed IPv4 address, close the details box, click properties, click IPv4 from the list, click properties once you’ve select IPv4, enter the new DNS IP and, then enter the IPv4 addres you copied from before, the press the Tab key(on the keyboard), enter the defautl Gateway(also listed on the status page) OR you can also re-select automatic IP to choose the IP address for you.

I believe you are updating the wrong section. The section to be updated includes a radio button which says “Use The Following DNS Server Addresses”.

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Believe so too!

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Win 8.1/any version is the same, unless you are edting via the PC Settings or another window, I’m directly editing the NIC adapter properties from the icon in the Network and Sharing center(adapter setting) via Control Panel

There’s no reason to touch the top section in the IPv4 section (obtain an IP Address Automatically or Use the following IP Address). Whatever those settings are should almost certainly remain unchanged.

To use Cloudflare’s Nameservers the only section which needs ot be changed is the bottom section by selecting Use the following DNS Server address and then inputting and/or

OpenDNS has instructions for their DNS servers which are equivalent except for the IPs selected and none of them have users making changes to their IP address or subnet mask.

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