Missing imported DNS records

Why would this fail ? In one image there are my old records, in the other image is what Cloudflare imported, and this happened with many domains already. It fils to import the most important record, the main A record.

Not sure why, there could be a number of reasons. I could gues, either I don’t know how does it work in the background, however maybe the process in the background while checking for them timed out due to the Cloudflare sending a good amount of requests to check for any existing DNS records, so it might overwhelm the hosting/DNS server, or the connection was lost, or something else in between? :thinking:

Nevertheless, if any of them is missing, we can easily add them manually with just a few clicks, or by using the step-by-step instructions from the tutorial article from below:

Otherwise, if you have an option to export them, then you can easily import them to the Cloudflare DNS:

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