Missing Images - Incorrect Error #9429 (Flexible variants are not enabled for the account)

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but some of our images are no longer being served correctly. They return the following error:

ERROR 9429: Flexible variants are not enabled for the account


However, this same image is served, with different parameters, with no problems:


And yes…Flexible Variants is enabled in our account.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it a Cloudflare Bug?

works for me. when did you enable flexible variants?

Thanks for your time here…doesn’t work in any of my browsers but does if I switch to cell network. Must be a caching bug/hiccup.

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what Accept header you browsers send? Does curl work?

curl -vv -H "Accept: image/webp" https://imagedelivery.net/Uf8WJfQ1SWTlrZsiBit6SQ/7b7f310b-624d-499e-6761-16151f77d600/w\=768,h\=768,fit\=cover

Thanks again for your energy here. Everything is back to normal and (as far as I can tell) the “broken” images were just strongly cached somewhere, seemingly with my ISP. Others, on other networks, could see the image with no problems. Additionally, some versions of the (flexible variant enabled) images & URLs were working where others were not. Here’s hoping this issue is relatively rare1

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