Missing images for a segment of the users when Cloudflare is on

Hello. One of my customers told me that he and several other people in different locations cannot see many of the images of the website https://uiltucsemiliaromagna.it , when Cloudflare protection is on.

I have verified that pausing Cloudflare solves the problem: all the images show up on the customer’s devices.

I shall point out that I have never experienced this problem on my own devices; even when Cloudflare protection is on I can see all the images of the website.

My website is hosted on Cloudways if that can have any importance.

Rocket Loader is OFF, I have not found mixed content, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is ON.

Could you please tell me how to solve this problem ?

Here are a couple of screenshots of the missing images sent to me by my customer. All of them are from the home page of the website and are taken from a mobile phone.

Which devices? If those are Apple devices and you have WebP on your site, that often causes images to not load.

They are both mobile and desktop devices.

I had a TeamViewer session on the customer’s desktop today and I have browsed the website with both Edge and Firefox. The images were not loaded even refreshing the pages multiple times and emptying the browser’s cache.

Once I disabled Cloudflare protection the images suddenly appeared.

What is odd is that I can see correctly the website on all my devices (again mobile and desktop) so I cannot really reproduce the problem locally.

Just for the records, I have solved the problem I mentioned.

Images were missing only when the www prefix was used; only in that case the mixed content error showed up on browsers.

Adding the following page rule, that forces a redirect from www to non-www domain, did the trick:

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