Missing images after purging everything

I’ve disabled my caching on browsers and it was fine for the day or so but the missing image blocks started popping again :x!


IE, Safari for desktop or iOS, and any other iOS browser do not support the wepb image format. Please see: https://caniuse.com/#search=webp

This is a new format created by Google to compress photographic images a bit more than the jpeg format can. From reading the previous posts on this threads, I understand your website uses WP Fastest Cache, which has the capability to serve webp images. Your images are being served with the .jpg extension, but if you click on F12 (dev tools) and check their headers, you’ll see this header: content-type: image/webp. Even your screenshot on this post shows it.

For instance, I’ve tried to open this image link directly on Safari/iPad, and got a blank screen. However, there is one image on your page that for some reason was not converted to webp, and is being served as jpeg. This image shows on Safari. The same is true for the Instagram images, which are jpeg, not the webp format.

Cloudflare offers Polish, which will compress images on the fly and serve them, including in the webp format for compatible browsers, but your images do not have the Polish headers, so I’m guessing this is a either an image or caching plugin issue. It generates the webp format when you visit your site, and Cloudflare somehow is caching that version and giving it to any user, regardless of their browser.

Check your image optimization or caching plugin for a webp setting, and make sure to disable this feature. Then you may want to use Polish, which will use webp, but only for browsers that are ready for it. (Since Cloudflare stands between your users and your website, it will have control of what to serve to which browser)


Wow! Good catch!

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Oh man! Thanks floripare* dang autocorrect haha, will look into this!

I’m in the process of reverting all my optimized image back to its norm from wp fastest cache. Will update you guys on this later on

I’ve reverted all my images done from wp fastest cache, below is a screen shot comparing the former screenshot

I don’t see the webp image format anywhere on my images at the moment, so far so good!


Yes, I can see your images on my iPad now!!


Thanks @floripare ! I’ve recently purged everything, will wait it out and see before I celebrate to soon!

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Ha! After the several false positives, who wouldn’t wait! :laughing:


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