Missing GRE tunnel and static route configuration part per the documentation

Trying to build a new GRE tunnel and reading the setup documentation. But missing the GRE tunnel and static route configuration part. Anyone know ?

Add GRE tunnels

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare dashboardOpen external link and select Magic Transit .
  2. Next to GRE tunnels and static routes configuration , click Configure .
  3. From GRE tunnels , click Create .
  4. On the Add GRE tunnels page, fill out the information for your GRE tunnel.
  5. (Optional) We recommend you test your tunnel before officially adding it. To test the tunnel, click Test tunnels.
  6. To add multiple tunnels, click Add GRE tunnel for each new tunnel.
  7. After adding your tunnel information, click Add tunnels to save your changes.

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