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I’m asking here as Cloudflare directed me here after opening a support ticket. Pretty bad when you expect your customers to help each other out.

I manage a few domains for some clients, and one of them just disappeared totally from the Cloudflare dashboard. It was working fine before I went to bed, when I wanted to access the domain this morning it would not connect. Server was fine, so I checked DNS, nameservers are still pointing to CF, so I logged into CF to discover the domain is gone from the dashboard.

I looked at the Audit log and got the following record:

Jun 17, 2021





User IP Address:



Audit Record:



{ "Zone name": "emwwine.com" }

So I did not delete the record, I wasn’t even on the internet at that time. What could have caused it?

Hi there,

We still have Cloudflare staff helping here in case we are needed or in case that no responses come in.

First of all, it’s good that you checked your audit log already. What usually happened is that the zone was added to another account or the name servers no longer pointed to Cloudflare and was therefore marked as moved. Within 7-14 days, it then got deleted and purged completely.

Is this something that could’ve happened? Especially the name server change part?


Hi, thanks for the reply. No it was still pointing to the correct nameservers. I did a nslookup to see it was still pointing to kim & lee.

I also received no notification that it had been removed from cloudflare.

The client had accidentally changed the dns 10 days ago, but moved them back to kim & lee within a space of about 2 hours. That’s the only DNS changes that have been made in a month, apart from me adding txt records, etc. Which I now have to go and rebuild sigh

On June 3 the name servers were changed and that is the move that @TKlein mentioned, that is visible here, Historical NS records for emwwine.com - SecurityTrails, that is most likely a result of

that’s the change of nameservers/addition to a different account

The site loads for me although it appears the switch back to kim & lee is still propagating. One suggestion, you may want to select Always use https on the SSL/TLS app of the cloudflare dashboard so the site always loads with https in place.

that happens a few hundred times a day around here!

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