Missing DNS and Redirect, but still works

I’m puzzling through a puzzler. I have a URL, blog.company.com that successfully redirects to www.company.com/blog yet I can find no CNAME or A record for blog.company.com in my DNS tab, nor do I find a redirect to www.company.com/blog in my rules tab.

If I do an nslookup on blog.company.com I get:

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: blog.company.com
Addresses: 2606:4700::6812:1892

So, Cloudflare is clearly resolving it.

I do see 2 NS records for blog.company.com one to maeve.ns.cloudflare.com and another to adam.ns.cloudflare.com, but I can’t see how that would be enough.

Is there piece of archane art here I’m not understanding?


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If there are NS records for that subdomain, then it might be using the Subdomain feature. Are you an Enterprise customer?

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Yes, we are Enterprise, we have 17 domains and subdomains under the account I have access to. I do not see a subdomain for blog.company.com, but I do have a topaz.company.com and a couple of others. I looked at the doc you included, should I assume that blog is under a different account? If so, how would I find who handles that one?


Hi @robert_lamothe,

As you’re on Enterprise, I’d recommend talking to your account team about this subdomain zone. They may be able to help you with how it’s setup. It does sound like it could be managed in a different account.

The main reason (in my mind) for the Subdomain setup is so that you can have separate management of the settings for some hostnames within a domain.

As @domjh indicated, you Customer Success team is the fastest way to find out who is managing that subdomain.

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