Missing content-encoding: gzip

I am using Nginx. With the same configuration, but it is lost gzip content through cloudflare proxy

proxy by cloudflare and missing Gzip:
URL: static.omphimz.com/thumbnail/frame_0_delay-0-1610211118089.jpg

DNS by me:
URL: s.pisenstore.ga/thumbnail/frame_0_delay-0-1610211118089.jpg

Please help me, Thank

Gzip doesn’t do anything to JPG because that filetype is already compressed:

I indeed saw some points why you maybe asked for this:

JPG served by :orange:

size: 18.5kb

JPG served by :grey:

size: 18.2kb

So there is a 0.3kb difference. Most probably this difference is the OverHead of CloudFlares headers. But now I’m curious too.

The real issue here? Your server does not have any SSL configuration, not even an invalid certificate.

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