Missing CNAME records

I am having issues with some DNS entries that are not showing up when I query our system. These are non-proxied CNAME records that are pointing to an external site (SAAS Application) in order to connect up the integration for one of their services. I have queried the target that the CNAME record is pointing to and it resolves fine, but when I query the nameservers directly they don’t show.

I have confirmed that the entries show up properly in the DNS Console and I have even downloaded the raw configuration file and can see that it is properly formatted in the file itself, but it is not showing up.

Further, I tried to delete the entry and re-add it to no avail. I see one other posting relating to this from 2019, but I don’t see any answers. Has anyone else run into this behavior? Any suggested Fixes here?

Is the CNAME for your domain, not a subdomain? CNAMEs at the apex are not permitted. Cloudflare allows you to add one for convenience, but when queried it will always return the target IP address and not the CNAME itself.

Otherwise, what is the domain and subdomain of the CNAME you are creating?

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Here is the entry we are making. The failing one is for cka._domainkey.

Will need the domain to be able to have a look.


The domain is taligentllc.com

You have delegated _domainkey to Valimail as a child subdomain. This means that you need to create all of your DKIM identifiers in Valimail. If you don’t want to manage all of your DKIM records with Valimail, you will need to remove the NS records for _domainkey from your Cloudflare DNS zone. Note that doing so will mean that any records currently managed by Valimail in that child zone will no longer work.

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Thanks @epic.network I added the _domainkey specific for CloudKit because CloudKit won’t validate off of Valimail, even though they are available in Valimail.

I’ll reach out to CloudKit Support.

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