Missing ads.txt

Hey all, need your help

This is only an example of one site - we have this problem on multiple sites on multiple servers all of them are using CF

We are using Google Ad Manager on our sites which requires the present of the file ads.txt
If you check - https://www.appointment-centers.org/ads.txt - the file is present
you can also see on a browser the file on the combinations

As you can see on the attached screenshot - google is calming that the file is missing

Talking to our hosting providing they say no problem at their end but they also don’t see any access to the ads.txt file on their logs

they do say that the file is served from CF

We contacted Google support and they answered

same issue as last time, they need to ask their CDN service provider to return the new version of ads.txt to Google crawler which will help you to fix this issue


  1. how can I set CF to don’t serve ads.txt? How can I ensure that the file is served from our hosting server?

  2. I have a lot of sites, is there a way to do this fix on all the accounts together and not one by one?

  3. any other suggestions or ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you in advance for your help