Missing a ms of video around the 3 second mark

I have this very strange issue where a couple of video’s I uploaded miss a couple of ms around the 3 second mark when it plays in 720p(I think it’s almost always 720p, the other qualities seem to have no problem), which means the video gets stuck in Chrome based browsers. When I reupload them the problem sometimes disappears so there must be something going wrong while uploading?

Is there something in the way I upload these videos that could cause this issue? Or is this something else?

async function uploadVideos(videos) {
    for (let i = 0; i < videos.length; i++) {
        await uploadVideo(videos[i]);

// Generate the metadata for a video and upload it to Cloudflare
async function uploadVideo(path) {
    let parentPath = path.split("/");

    let name = parentPath.pop();
    name = displayName(name);

    // Get a temp url for video so Cloudflare can download the video from OVH
    let url = await OVH.getTempURL(path);

    let data = { url: url, requireSignedURLs: true, meta: { name: path, display_name: name, parent_path: parentPath.toString() } };

    let cmd = `curl -X POST -d '${JSON.stringify(data)}' -H "Authorization: Bearer ${process.env.CF_API_TOKEN}" ${API_URL}/stream/copy`;

    const { stdout, stderr } = await execPromise(cmd);