Misoperation Upgrade Pro Plan,Why don’t refund my $25

I accidentally clicked and upgraded my free plan to pro plan. I have now cancelled my pro subscription as per your request. Why don’t you give me a refund?

I have changed the plan to free, but I still haven’t received the refund

Subscribing to Pro was a mistake for me. I just want to cancel the subscription and receive a refund. If you do not provide a refund, I will appeal to the bank for accountability
my ticket is:3285435

I will flag your ticket for my colleagues in Support

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Please please get a refund soon

Hello there!

I’ve replied to your ticket.

Thank you!

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I am not satisfied with your response. Why can’t you issue me a refund when I have seen others get refunded successfully? Why can’t I be refunded as well?

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Our billing support team has replied to the ticket with the latest update.
Please check your ticket for more details.