Mismatch between Web Analytics and Traffic statistics

I have a single page app hosted on Cloudflare Pages. The data in Dashboard > Analytics & Logs > Web Analytics shows 3 visits in the previous 24 hours, while Site Name > Analytics & Logs > Traffic shows 738 requests and 115 unique visitors in the previous 24 hours. Why is there such a large discrepancy between these statistics?

They are measuring different things is the short answer. Longer answer is the discrepancy you’re experiencing is due to the fact that Cloudflare ‘Web Analytics’ and ‘Traffic’ metrics measure different things. Web Analytics is based on JavaScript and counts page views, while Traffic numbers are based on HTTP requests made to your site.

So, ‘Traffic’ in Cloudflare includes all HTTP requests such as API calls, bots, or even blocked requests, whereas ‘Web Analytics’ only includes actual page-views by users. This is why Traffic data might show more requests and unique visitors than the Web Analytics. For more specific information, refer to this Cloudflare Analytics overview: A quick overview of Cloudflare Analytics · Cloudflare Analytics docs.


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