Mismatch between storage capacity and actual stored videos


I recently started using CF Stream, and just noticed a severe mismatch between the number of minutes reported in the storage capacity-section of the dashboard, and the actual minutes of stored video. See screenshot:

The actual minutes of video content in the library should be 1m 6s, presumably rounded up to 2m. Is there something I’m missing here?


Update: This was suddenly changed to 6 minutes, which is still about 5-6 times more than the actual stored minutes.

Hi. What is the max length of your pending uploads? Stream storage takes pending storage into account to guarantee that pending uploads won’t be rejected because you are out of storage. In future, we will release the storage for pending uploads that don’t come through after they have expired. For now, please delete pending uploads and you should see space free up.

Hi Zaid! I’m not 100% sure what the exact amount was above, but the video I was testing with the most was had an upload-length of 27043780.