Miscategorization of CIPA and Adult/Pornography on "home domain"


To start off, I have reported several of my domains as miscategorized, with new categories (or what I believe are the best categories) for the new domains.

But, I would like to understand why they were initially categorized as Adult/Pornography to begin with.

This all started because I was attempting to use Cloudflare Family on my phone’s DNS, and found that I couldn’t access any of my services for my home network. When I logged in from my laptop however, everything was fine. I was really confused, until I eventually reverted the DNS change on my phone.

Anyways, I eventually found Radarr (I’ll be honest, it took a lot longer than I would like to admit to find this when searching for “cloudflare miscategorization” and other similar search results).

My main page is just a landing page, that says “Not much is here”, it doesn’t contain any ads, or any other information that would be in any way relevant to “adult content”. If it was a false positive, fair enough - but, I would just like to know what or how to avoid situations like this in the future if I spin up domains for other pages.

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Sorry for the double post, tried to find a way to edit my post but it’s too early.

In fact, this site is setup in a similar way (landing page, records, etc) to another domain I have in another cloudflare account, and that site is listed as “Content Server”.

So just really confused on how/why this occurred. If it gets fixed, that is all good and well, just trying to understand the why - to avoid mistakes or situations in the future (where I can - and it isn’t just a “rounding error” :smile: ).

Hi Andrew and thanks for flagging this! Would you be able to share the domain/s you are referring to? The Not Safe For Work category domains are provided by one of our vendors and we always report them back to them for review and resolution so without an example I cannot provide further context on the ‘why’, even if it might have been a false positive.

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