Mis match in Cloufare and google analytics data

I have configured Cloudflare 27 Apr 2020 at 7.55 PM( as per the mail confirmation), and I think this is the completion time of configuration. After checking with Cloudflare for traffic analysis I got unique visitors 400+, But my domain is only less than 1 month old and googles analysis couldn’t get me the data of 400 visitors. I was amazed and I don’t know-how is coming from Cloudflare.

Is it true 400 visitors are coming to my page, or I believe analytics with less than 100 visitors?

Kindly suggest!!

My domain : https://www.discoveryourblog.com/

By shiju

Hi @user7985,

Please check out the help center:

quite informative.
Thanks for the reply.

By shiju

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