Mirroring a website for a banned website

hey, my website is banned in turkey from ısp because it has adult content in it.

but here is the thing;

there are many websites that has adult content too and their main domain is also blocked
when i try to enter their website on mobile it redirects me on a mirrored another page.(from google search page indexed website, if i write the exact domain it would redirect to the banned page)

these conditions are only in the mobile not on the desktop
i can enter both their and my website through desktop

gonna visualize the websites i’ve been talking about

google search: doeda




i am thinking they are using domain redirection but not only that because i also add redirection rule to my website,it works on desktop and mobile if vpn is active)

here is my website fantezix.c( now domain redirection is active and it will redirect you to the mirrored website of mine if you are not in the banned location.

Rules can be set that affect mobile traffic differently than desktop traffic.

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oh, thanks but how do i redirect to another domain? there are only subdomains.

I’d use a page rule, Page Rules · Cloudflare Support docs


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