Mirage Pro plan cloudflare

Hello I want to buy pro plan will mirage helps increasing speed on pc site too? or just mobile site

How does it work?

There is no videos all videos got deleted plz help admin

With Mirage, users on slow mobile connections will be quickly shown a full page of content, using placeholder images with a low file-size which will load much faster. Without Mirage visitors on a slow mobile connection will have to wait a long time to download high-quality images. Since it’ll take a long time, they will perceive your website as slow:

With Mirage visitors will see content much faster, will thus perceive that the content is loading quickly, and will be less likely to give up:

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@judge covered the benefits of Mirage, but a paid plan also gets you Polish, which will help on the desktop.


@Judge & @sdayman Thanks for the info one last question does it support blogger.com google blogspots?

I believe so, see

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I bought it it has a very less effect like negligible :frowning: i am really disappointed :frowning:

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