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I just upgraded to Cloudflare pro because I was having a lot of issues with image resizing using wordpress. Wordpress doesn’t do much at all for image sizing and puts the burden on theme developers, so switching themes often stops any progress that you make to reduce the total page size.

Anyway, the problem I’m facing is that images in the gallery and some other images like logo, are being resized by HTML instead of on the server side. So visitor is downloading much bigger files than needed to view website, which is slowing it down.

I thought that Mirage was supposed to fix this but it is not. It definitely seems to speed up my site a little, but not fixing the problem here.

Any suggestions? Does Mirage not fix this issue? Thanks.

Basically looking for “On the fly” Image resizing. It seems amazon has this, if needed I’ll switch. This is a must have. Hoping that Cloudflare can deliver here.

No, Cloudflare doesn’t resize image dimensions.

How does Amazon do this? Does it look at the HTML/CSS and figure out the right size for the image?

Looking at all options now, piio.co seems to do this. Basically I need to serve scaled images. When you go to gtmetrix.com/ it’s a big issues for all of my sites.

I’m honestly shocked that Cloudflare doesn’t offer this it’s such a huge speed improvement compared to what they are have now.

yes i believe it just looks at the HTML code and serves the scaled image accordingly, instead putting the burden on the end user to resize it on their device.

After testing piio only issue is it links to images on their own cdn domain, so not sure how that would affect seo. I like to keep images on my own domain if possible.

Piio also says you need to replace all your img tags.

Something like scrset would be cool to implement. You can definitely do this at the server end, but if Cloudflare could automate it, that would make it more universal.


I tested piio it works without replacing anything, I just used the wordpress plugin. But it doesn’t show canonical in the image links at all, so I just deactivated it. I don’t want googel to think they are the original creators of the images.

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