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i don’t think so

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it’s a guidance. Should i turn Mirage on if i’m having a performance plugin where it uses lazy laoding on my wordpress site. I understand that lazy loading load the page faster. So, can i use them together or i should use only one?

P.S., I’m hosting with wordpress.com business plan where performance set to lazyloading. but i can disable that.

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no error

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In theory, yes, you should keep the lazy loading on your origin plugin. The lazy loading set by the origin will apply to any request, while Mirage only kicks in for mobile under certain conditions. They should not exclude each other.

However, since Mirage works by inserting a JavaScript that will rewrite parts of your HTML, it could in certain conditions cause issues. So I’d say you should keep both, but always test and monitor to make sure it’s running alright.

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