"Minimum TLS Version" to 1.3, our website can still be accessed with TLS 1.2

We find that even though we have set “Minimum TLS Version” to 1.3, our website can still be accessed with TLS 1.2.

Our website (kalundborg-skov-park-have.dk) is hosted at kinsta.com where their system runs over Cloudflare and all their websites use the same global settings from Cloudflare where TLS 1.2 is allowed.
We have been in contact with kinsta several times and last time they could see that there was an error but they wrote that we should contact Cloudflare as we use a Personal account and will therefore be able to help us.

The reason we use a personal account is because kinsta recommended us to do this because we need to be able to activate DNSSEC and change TLS settings.

The reason we try to use TLS 1.3 is because there are some Ciphers that we are not allowed to use. as the website is in the process of being approved for the Danish consumer safety mark for webshops (emaerket.dk).

Hope some of you will be able to help us.

If you’re running through their SaaS setup, the minimum TLS version would need to be set at their end, not yours. They should be able to change this setting for your specific site:


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