Minimum DNS Record Configuration for DDNS Service

SHORT STORY: I registered a brand new domain with cloudflare. Aside from turning on DNSSEC, absolutely nothing is configured. My DNS page is blank as the picture below shows. I only want this domain to provide DDNS services for some of my home resources. I’m fairly certiain I can configure DDclient on my hardware at home, but that is only one side of things.

Can somone please identify the minimum DNS records I need to create, and how I should configure them, such that my Cloudflare domain can provide DDNS service?

LONG STORY: I had my home router configured to talk to a Google domain to provide DDNS service so that a home VPN server worked. Google Domains sold to square space, and Square Space does not provide DDNS service. I bought a new and different cloudflare domain to start from scrtach. I created an A record and CNAME that I thought were correct. I spun up an unubtu server at home that I installed DDclient on. After hours of trying to get DDclient to update the IP address on a subdomain of my new cloudflare domain, i’m failry certain the setup problem is not in the DDclient configuration files. I think my mistake lays in the settup up of my Cloudflare domain DNS records. Either way, I’d prefer if any repsonses just focus on how to correctly setup a Domain in the Cloudflare Dashboard such that if the Cloudflare API or DDclient are used correctly somonewhere else it all works. I need to attack one probelm at a time haha.

Depending on whether you have IPv4 or IPv6, you need to create either an A or an AAAA record for your domain.

That’s it for Cloudflare, everything else will be up to your DDNS client.

I have IPv4. I can creat an A record. But should its name be? What should its name and content be? Should it be gray-clouded or orange-clouded?

The name can be whatever you want. Use @ for the apex ( or anything else for a subdomain (www for

The content doesn’t matter as the DDNS client will fill out the content.

What about the Proxy Status?

Do you want to use the proxy? DNS-only is, as the name suggests, for basic DNS like everywhere else.
Proxying the record will sent all traffic to Cloudflare instead, so that you can use features like caching and the firewall. It only supports HTTP(S) traffic.

This is something I don’t understand well. Will using Cloudflare’s DNS proxy disrupt my home-server’s ability to communicate to my domain and provide it with my home’s current IP address?

If you have anything other than a website running on any given name, it needs to be DNS-only.

So probably just use DNS-only for now.