Minimal plan that can do page level proxying?

Here’s what I want to do. I’ve got two existing sites: and I’m going to make which is mostly the b site, but if you click on the right pages you’ll get some content from a. (I have to write these out as www_acmecorp_com because I’m a new user and I can’t post more than 4 links in a page.)

If a visitor visits www_acmecorp_com/foo/, I want Cloudflare to serve the corresponding page under a_acmecorp_com/foo/ . Likewise for www_acmecorp_com/bar/ . But any other page comes from b … e.g. www_acmecorp_com/whatever should serve b_acmecorp_com/whatever

On a basic plan I can’t seem to make a rule that makes this happen. What plan should I be on? Or is this just something that Cloudflare doesn’t do?


Thank you for asking.

From what I understand, I’d suggest using Transform Rules → URL Rewrite:

Furthermore, if you are trying to accomplish to have sub-domains with www prefix just like or, you’d have to use Advanced Certificate Manager, otherwise you would end up having an issue as described on the article from below:

I don’t think transform rules do what I’m needing to do. I don’t want the end users to see – they should only see I can’t see how a rewrite rule solves this: I don’t want to change the path, nor do I want to change the query, which seems to be the only things that rewrite rules can do. I want to preserve them, but modify the host that Cloudflare fetches those pages from.

Unless there’s an extra kind of rewrite rule that becomes available on a pro plan?

You can still achieve this, under www to stay www in URL browser bar and to display content from a.acme or b.acme.

Then, I’d use Cloudflare Workers.

May I ask, why don’t you just switch content to serve under the :thinking:

I might not understand.

Use preformated text like or wrap it around `` or select text and “CTRL+E” or select text and click on the icon:

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply.

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May I ask, why don’t you just switch content to serve under the ?

One site is a custom-built application, the other site is wordpress. Both are hosted on low-end ISP-hosted servers. Two different teams update these sites, but we don’t want that to be visible to customers.

Yes, this looks as though it might work:

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