Minimal DNS entries for a simple domain redirect

Greetings all,

We used to have 5 different websites (each on separate hostings/domains), but one year ago we moved to a more centralized solution, wanting to keep one signgle website covering the five topics.

This has all been done, everything is up and running on the newer one.

Now’s the time to redirect our 4 old useless domains to our main website.

The issue is, on each of these domains DNS zones, I have a full ton of stuff, which I assume are turning to become useless. What MUST I keep in that zone, what can I safely remove ?

I mean, I have configured both A & AAAA entrie, but I come with some stuff like CNAM for pop3, ftp, … which I will not use, in any case.

Is it safe to remove ?

Thanks for your help !

It is going to be hard to tell what will break things from a community standpoint. Having the extra records in not likely to break anything, so it might just be better to leave them all.

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Only you can determine what records are no longer needed. If you are unsure and want to test, use the export function to keep backups as you make changes. That way you can revert more quickly if needed. You could even store the version history in a private git repository if you wanted to make reviewing changes easier.

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