Minify Javascript and CSS not working


gtmetrix delivers after setup of all there is no minifying of javascript and css!? domain surgicalexperts (.) net

Cloudflare will only minify CSS and JS when the file is cached. In the first visit, these files are not cached yet. If you repeat the test (using the same test location), do you still see these files as not being minified?


still having the same problem.

If you visit your site with Developer Tools open (F12 in Chrome/Win), you’ll be able to see for yourself that the files are in fact being minified. (Click on the Network tab, then on Headers for each CSS/JS file).

However, there are a few things to consider. One is that Cloudflare will not minify files not coming from your domain, such as Google Fonts CSS files, which are not minified.

Also, Cloudflare will not further minify files that have min as part of their URL. Sometimes these files, though minified by their vendors, may keep some comments and authorship information, which could cause GTMetrix to flag them.

And last, Cloudflare does not perform the most aggressive minification possible. You can use a plugin such as Autoptimize for that, if this is really impacting your performance.

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