MINIFY HTML is not working



I have JS/CSS/HTML minification enabled on my CLOUDFLARE dashboard. HOWEVER the HTML files are not being minified (if I have inline CSS/JS they are not being minified and not even the HTML code itself is being minified).

The CSS/JSS are being minified perfectly. I have no pagerules running and nothing crazy that could prevent this from working.

HTML -> view-source:

JS (is being minified) -> view-source:

CSS (is being minified) -> view-source:

Why HTML is not being minified?


Also, is HTML selected in your minification options?



So it looks like a bug cause. I have HTML minify enabled (check print attached).

Also, try to access in your browser. You will see a HIT in the CF cache but the inline CSS/JS code is not being minified inside the HTML code.


I dont think that is a bug, your HTML does not seem to be valid and the article seems to mention that it requires valid HTML.


In the link provided, they specifically state that inline JS/CSS inside of HTML won’t be minified.


@sandro why it’s not valid? where did you take that information?

@matteo but as you can see in the link below, not even the HTML is being minified.


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