Minify HTML,CSS,JS through Cloudfare

I am using a Free Cloudfare and in the dashboard have selected to minify HTML,CSS,JS but when ran the website through GTMetrix, still shows that they are not minified

Not sure how to go about this.

Cloudflare doesn’t compact code as much as some other minifiers, so it could be that GTMetrix doesn’t think it’s enough.

Did you see which resources it says aren’t minified? What’s the link to your GTMetrix report?

While it is all green, it is at 7.7s and there are links under minify html, css, js

JS minify potential savings on your domain is in the single digits.
There’s only one CSS resource listed, and it’s a 1% improvement.
HTML can get a 2% improvement (144 bytes).

I’d say it’s as minified as can be reasonably expected.

As for the load time, that’s dependent on your server resources. Home page is 1.5 seconds, a couple of Autoptimize resources are slowing the site down by ~2 seconds each, and there’s a WooCommerce process that adds another 1.5 seconds.

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