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Hi, I don’t want to use Cloudflare as a cdn, firewall ect. I just want to use its minify feature. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

It is possible but you will still have to proxy your site through Cloudflare. Then you can disable all other features and only keep the minification on.

Thank you for your reply, proxy is not a big deal. How can I disable cdn feauture of Cloudflare? Can you help me with that please?

What exactly do you mean by CDN feature? Cloudflare is not a CDN, however you are probably referring to the caching and that can be disabled with a page rule setting the cache to bypass for all resources.

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Oh okay!

I’ve just send you a screenshot of my pagerules settings. Is it enough to disable my whole websites cache or does it just disable homepage’s cache ?

Note: is just an example lol

It depends on what you want to disable. In the case at hand you’d disable caching only for the www host on its root path, nothing else.

Okay, so how can I disable it for my entire website (all pages and things etc.) ?

Did you click the learn more link? :wink:

Actually, I did but what I understand from there doesn’t make any sense :sweat_smile:
What I understand is I have to apply the “bypass” to every other url of my website in other words every pages and every files. This is confusing…

Ps: Probably, I got it wrong but if you can explain to me how to disable cache for my entire website it would be great…!!!:pray::pray:

In your case ** should do the trick.

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You are the life saver!!

I really appreciate it thank you so much! :pray:

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