Minify feature messes up my css render

Hello, it looks like the minify feature in Cloudflare is omitting two periods in my code. This in turn is messing up the way that my page renders in the browser. The code as written in the original stylesheet is:

#photo1{background: url(’…/images/photo-1.jpg’) center/cover no-repeat !important;}

But when I inspect the website in chrome (after the Cloudflare minifies the website), the code comes back as:

#photo1{background: url(’/images/photo-1.jpg’) center/cover no-repeat !important;} <== No perdiods before /images

This is messing up the file structure and the browser does not know where to point to get the photos.

Any suggestions?

... is not really a valid identifier in this context. I presume you want to reference the parent directory, right? Does it also omit it if you specify it properly via ..?

Hi, my apologies. I mistyped the identifier. You’re correct, the identifier I meant to type was … not …

And yes, it does omit the two periods meant to direct to the parent folder.

Can you post the URL?

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