Minify and maximum upload limit not working


I’ve been using Cloudflare for my website Richie Films for 3-4 months and was working fine. But Since a month or 20 days my minify option is not working and the maximum upload size limit has not changed


Not sure what you’re asking re: maximum upload size limit, can you clarify?

Can you point to a file which isn’t being minified? appears to be a minified file when looking at the content and the heads support that it was minified by Cloudflare.

cf-bgj: minify
cf-cache-status: HIT


Now I’m curious. I see that site’s HTML isn’t minified. Neither is the one of mine I checked. If I enable Minify for HTML, will that only minify Cloudflare-cached HTML?


I’m reasonably sure the answer to that question is yes (I assume your testing indicates this is the case). We changed our minification process so that we will return an object unminified for the first request, then asynchronously produce a minified version on the cached object. I would assume (didn’t write the code) that if there is no cached object we never have the opportunity to create a minified version.

Ultimately the new process results in significantly faster performance for returning a minified object for everyone but the first request for an uncached object in a POP or for uncached content. Minifying the same object in memory 100m times a month is suboptimal from a scale and performance perspective.


Huh, go figure. I just cleared the cache of a static site of mine, reloaded, got a MISS, and it’s minified.

Thinking back to my original test, and re-checking, it was minified, though not completely. It turns out that minified CSS is much more compact than HTML. Sorry for the misinformation.


Yeah the guy who wrote the minification code corrected me… we do html minification on the fly still.


my complete site is not minified


Based on the tests I did earlier, it appears to be. Can you confirm how you are testing/ provide an example where that is not the case?


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