Minified js file take 1.5 sec to load from Cloudflare

I moved my site to SiteGround yesterday because my cheap shared hosting had a really long wait time. So just tested the site again, but now is the minified js file really slow. It takes almost 1.5 seconds to load it from Cloudflare.

I have disabled minify in W3 total cache. Any thoughts why it takes so long the load the js file?

seems like problem in your side… just look at the file content:
try{console.log("- ERROR - Original site javascript does not exist. This is a placeholder. Url is '

something looks wrong here

if you let the test run for a multiple times from the same location and you will let cf to cache the file you will see it becoming really fast


Thanks you for pointing in the right direction. Turns out a bug in W3tc plugin:

Removed all .htaccess files in the wp-content/cache directory and the issue was solved.


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