Minification not working


I’ve enabled CloudFlare on my WordPress site along with W3 Total Cache. I’ve disabled the Miniying of JS & CSS on W3 to allow CF to handle it but it isn’t. What have I gotten wrong?

Also, sorry if this is an old question but is there a time lag in seeing a difference in performance?

I set it up 8 hours ago.


Hi @dcseotools,

  • Are the Minify options enabled?
  • Did you try to purge the cache?

If you can share the domain, it’s easier for us to analyze.

Hi dmz,

Here, you go, this is the 1st time I’ve set up CF with WordPress so probably missed something :roll_eyes:

I’ve not purged the whole cache

Yes they are

Some articles that may help you:

Most importantly, as generally any .js or .css that’s loaded from a cdn will already be minified. If so, the files will include .min directly prior to the file type.

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Thanks for those intr0, read them a few times today and pretty sure everything’s correct my end. I’ve purged everything again

Am I just being impatient? I set everything up 8 hours ago

No, you’re not being impatient. Would you mind listing the javascript and stylesheet files you’re using? I could just look, but having you list them would create a record to look at for us. Thank-you.

Appears to work, doesnt it?


Which file exactly would you think is not being minified?


Ah, OK!

I’m looking at the source code on the fly and expecting to see everything compressed, and it’s not!

The files do appear to be minified. Which one in particular does not seem to be to you?

Forgive me if this is simply me being dumb but this doesn’t look minifyed. Every other site I’ve done this on has everything compressed, this is still spaced out. What am I missing?

Though what you posted does not seem to be proper CSS files but rather inlined CSS directives, which are not minified →

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