Minecraft TCP Port

Hello, me and my friends want to launch a Minecraft server. and i have a home server with Proxmox and i installed minecraft on the local network i can normally play, but i want to expose my Homeserver port 25565 to the Internet, with HTTPS its working normally but with TCP its not working can someone help me maybe?

You need to turn off Cloudflare :grey: for the domain: Creating DNS Records in Cloudflare for a Minecraft Server

I think you need to either use a port that Cloudflare uses for http traffic with spectrum or bypass the CF proxy. AFAIK you also need to make sure to read the Terms of Service as typically to use the proxy features you need to mostly send web traffic (websites/webapps) unless you are on a pro plan with spectrum

Also check the firewall rules on your local machine

Someone posted a similar issue maybe this will help: Would I be able to use cloudflare tunnel to host a minecraft server? - #2 by KianNH