Minecraft subdomain Issues

Hi all,
I just switched DNS from my hosting provider to cloudflare. But now some players are unable to connect to our Minecraft server:

They enter “play.mymcserver.com” in the Minecraft client to join our server. But it does not seem to work for most players (I am able to connect though). Does anybody know if there is something wrong with these settings?

I did these changes almost 20 hours ago I think. So it should work, right? But still isn’t :frowning:

You can only have the :logo: proxy on for (sub)domains that have http/web traffic.
You can’t proxy other kinds of traffic like gaming unless you’re a enterprise customer and make use of Cloudflare’s Spectrum product.

So in this case you just have to switch the proxy option for play from on (:logo:) to off (:ngrey:), and then wait a bit for the changes to take effect.


Thank you @arunesh90 I give it a try!!

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