Minecraft srv related problem

Hi, i have a problem: i created a srv to connect to my proxy server, and is connected to a record of type A, but some people cannot connect and others can, where is the problem?

this is the error

That SRV record does not point to the target you have listed in your DNS record.

how can i fix it?

That’s the SRV record that’s fully propagated. Is it supposed to be that abc.vanillaexperience Target?

yes it is the abc, but i’m waiting from days for the propagate

Can you confirm that Huxley and Sandra are the name servers listed at the bottom of your DNS page here?

Yes, It is right

If the jerel Target isn’t the one you’ve set in DNS, as shown at DNSChecker, please open a ticket via email to have them double check your SRV record. support AT cloudflare DOT com and then post the ticket # here so we can escalate.

I don’t have the customer plan

i need customer plan for the ticket

When you got the autoresponse saying you needed a paid plan, there should still have been a ticket number there. Please post that, it can be re-opened if needed.

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It appears that the server information cannot be retrieved. Make sure your server is accessible to users and can be connected by CloudFlare.

I tried to send the email but i got the autoresponse with the saying “you need a plan”, the ticket number is #2357994

As i said before, some people can connect and some people cannot

I’ve had this problem before too. This issue may be related to ipv4/ipv6. In short, it has nothing to do with CloudFlare and SRV records. This issue is due to the user’s network.

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Should i move the ipv4?

Yes.Minecraft servers preferably use ipv4. Although 1.15.2(Java) seems to support ipv6.

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