Minecraft SRV Records is not working

What is my error?
My Minecraft client and other people Minecraft client can’t connect to the server using the domain, but can connect using a direct IP address (so there is no problem with the Minecraft server itself)

How is my DNS setting


Hi @enderminecraftgaming,

Can you make sure your records match these tested ones?

@domjh Wait me to test again

Yes, I’m sure!
this is the error message in MC

What’s the domain? Can you also post a new screenshot of the records with the changes you made?

It the same image nothing is change

Your SRV does not match the example, though. Maybe someone else has more experience with Minecraft, but the one I linked to is the only one that I know works.

I see the example, it same
Something not match? Show me plz

To start with, the service in the example says _minecraft and yours says _mc. I don’t think that is correct.

Ok i changed

Thanks it work now!

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