Minecraft SRV not working?

Hello everyone, I know that this is a huge topic on the forum, but all of the issues I’ve seen resolved don’t work in my case. I have set up an A record that points to my public ip address, then a CNAME record that points to the A record, then I have an SRV record that uses the CNAME as a target. Nothing is proxied, everything is DNS only, and if I use nslookup I can find everything including the SRV record, so I’m pretty sure the DNS is configured correctly… I have port forwarded correctly using the ip address of my host, and my friends can join using my public ip just fine. The domain name just doesn’t want to work with minecraft, and I can’t figure out why. I am using infinity evolved modpack on 1.7.10, so I’m not sure if that messes with the SRV record compatibility, but I don’t understand why it would. Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it.

Let’s start with all records in question.

But if the records really are all in place it won’t be a Cloudflare issue but rather something with Minecraft.

Here are my records

I can even find those records via nslookup as well, I’m just very confused

Yes, the records are in place

nslookup -type=srv _minecraft._tcp.mcm.mountolympus.online blakely.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  blakely.ns.cloudflare.com

_minecraft._tcp.mcm.mountolympus.online SRV service location:
	  priority       = 0
	  weight         = 0
	  port           = 25565
	  svr hostname   = server.mountolympus.online

That should be working on mcm.mountolympus.online. If it doesn’t it will be something related to Minecraft or your local setup. That’s best covered at a Minecraft specific forum, DNS and Cloudflare wise it’s all set up.

Hey, I figured out what the problem was, it was silly really. I have my own domain, and I originally wanted my DNS server to resolve my site, so I added a forward looking zone for mountolympus.online, so the DNS on my computer was asking my DNS server for a hostname resolution, but I hadn’t added the A and SRV records in my DNS server so it was coming up with nothing. All I had to do to fix it was delete that forward lookup zone.

All right, so aforementioned local setup issue. Local DNS configurations can sometimes be something interesting to debug. Glad we got it working.

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