Minecraft SRV exposes original IP

Hello, i made SRV: mc.hyren.net points to mc.hyren.net ( but when i scan here: https://api.mcsrvstat.us/2/mc.hyren.net i get the original ip address of my dedicated server, if i can’t configure the SRV record i can’t play in Minecraft but doens’t exposes original IP

Why do you need a SRV record that points to itself? Right now, the mc subdomain is a :grey: DNS Only CNAME that points to another host, not the IP address you listed.

Separate from that, unless you’re using the Spectrum feature to proxy Minecraft traffic, you will need to expose that origin IP address.


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I tried spectrum but https://dash.cloudflare.com/7740e48fcdec3195ac15b4c0255a84b5/hyren.net/spectrum page returns:

i currently have CNAME because i contracted cosmic guard services to create an proxy and mitigate all attacks to my Minecraft server

Hi @srgutyerrez,

What plan are you on? You have to be on Pro or above to use Spectrum. If you are and are still not seeing the spectrum page in your dashboard, let us know.

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