Minecraft spectrum should be removed


Lately, I have seen (not just on this forum but in general), that people are not aware of the bandwidth that’s consumed on a Minecraft server.
Most owners simply have an unmetered bandwidth server and do not realize how much traffic they actually use.

I believe that spectrum for Minecraft should be removed on the lower tier plans or at least give very strong advice at how fast the bandwidth runs out. (unless the pricing is improved which I doubt will happen anytime soon)

It is a great product with a very poor implementation on the business and pro plan, not because of the service itself but the pricing it has.
For SSH, for example, it’s great. I’m using it currently in some of our websites and have no issues, but with a gaming server… bandwidth gets drained in a matter of hours if not minutes.

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Hi there, Thank you for the feedback. I’ve passed this a long to our team that manage Spectrum to review.


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