Minecraft Server not connecting when DNS proxy is on

I just switched to Cloudflare as my registrar and things like my Plex server work just fine. However, if I don’t shut off the DNS proxy service to my A and CNAME for hitchrooster.com then my Minecraft server will not show up. I can get to it by direct IP entry but when using domain name the proxy is not routing Minecraft’s server lookup and I get nothing. It’s dead in the water until I uncheck the proxy in my A and CNAME records to go direct to my IP. That is fine if that is what I have to do, but I’m confused why Plex will resolve through Cloudflare’s proxy but Minecraft won’t??? Is it a port issue? Minecraft uses 25565 but my router deals with that. I don’t know … Thanks for any help, Ryan Hitchcock
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Cloudflare neither proxies Minecraft’s protocol nor port 25565.

Thank you, at least my guess was in the ballpark :slight_smile: I appreciate the help and will just leave the proxy off, easy enough.
Cheers, -ryan

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