Minecraft Server From Computer

Hello, I’ve got a left over computer that would be perfect for a minecraft server that I could connect with my friends and probably go public. My only concern is how would I be able to port forward my home IP to cloud flare (I don’t mind buying a domain) so that it has basic DDoS protection and that my actual IP won’t be seen? I do pay monthly for hosting and got around 10 players on but I thought might as well have a look around as I got hardware laying around in my house. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance :slight_smile: <3

Sadly this is not an full option through Cloudflare with DDoS protection.
They released a beta feature that does this but it is quite expensive

You can use Cloudflare to get an easy name, with an SRV record, but Minecraft itself needs the direct IP connection as it will just lookup the subdomain IP that you use to connect and, if you use cloudflare to mask your IP, it will try to connect to the Cloudflare IP and not your Minecraft Server IP.

Short answer: No, not by masking you IP but there is Cloudflare Spectrum (linked above)

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